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Our Expertise: 'a double lens'

At TheCoachingHouse we primarily work in the corporate sector. 

This is in line with our expertise: we are certified Integral Development Coaches™ through New Ventures West (ICF accredited) which we blend with our experience as senior corporate leaders. 

This ‘double lens’ enables true insight in and empathy with our client’s challenges and circumstances. It also ensures the practical integration of the coaching programme in the client’s day-to-day work life. 

We offer coaching support for individual leaders and teams. In addition, we design implementation programs for organisations with a desire to embed an in-house coaching capability.

We strictly follow the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics and our privacy policy is fully aligned with the latest GDPR rules (May 2018). 

One-to-One Coaching

The most common entry-points for individual coaching are: performance issues, challenges for career progression, career transitions, leveraging of identified potential and changing business requirements. These are in fact requests for horizontal development; oriented towards becoming more skillful in what the client already knows (“better, smarter, faster”). It is ‘additional’ in nature and also called ‘the outer game’.


However, dealing with the current business environment often warrants a coaching investment to help expand a leader’s capacity. This is what we call vertical development: oriented towards a deeper level of what is possible but not yet present or mature; it is transformational in nature: the ‘inner game’.


A typical one-to-one programme is focused on a concrete area for development, runs over a timespan of up to 12 months and is conducted in approximately 12 face-to-face sessions. 


Since our coaching approach is collaborative and dynamic, the ‘real work’ takes place between sessions when the client engages in awareness, observation and practice exercises.


All our one-to-one coaching programs are entirely tailor-made, honouring the individuality of the client and the uniqueness of every circumstance. We always include targeted outcomes, which can be evaluated as the programme unfolds and concludes. 

Our coaching work is successful when the client is fully able to:

  1. Achieve excellence in the identified area for growth 

  2. Self-adjust when similar challenges present themselves 

  3. Self-generate new possibilities when faced with new challenges

This is fully in line with the ambition and principles of the Integral Development Coaching™.

Team Coaching

Invitations for team coaching typically look to kick-start newly formed teams, facilitate team dysfunction, support teams that lead significant change or simply elevate a team’s potential.


For teams, we have adopted the comprehensive approach of Systemic Team Coaching®, as developed by John Leary-Joyce (Academy of Executive Coaching) and Peter Hawkins (Henley Business School and Bath Consultancy Group).


Typical of the STC® approach is that it:


Considers the team and its individual members in the wider context of the team purpose,the team dynamics, the stakeholders and other relevant environmental parameters. 

Structures the coaching support in 5 distinct disciplines of:


  • Clarifying purpose

  • Co-creating as a team to deliver the purpose

  • Commissioning or integrating stakeholder expectations from and experience with the team

  • Connecting effectively with stakeholders 

  • Continued learning

Can be based on actual team diagnostics by using its proprietary Team Connect 360 survey. 

Coaching the team on the 5 disciplines invariably brings up individual development challenges. We support on-going development through the powerful process of Coaching Circles™: a combination of Integral Development Coaching™ and Action Learning. This is, in short, facilitated peer coaching on real-life, real-time business challenges through collaborative inquiry.

Team programmes are usually run over a number of half-day sessions over 6-12 months, facilitated by a certified and skilled coach. Most teams work with a facilitator for an initial period of time to fully embed the key disciplines and to ground their Coaching Circle™ practice until they are self-correcting and able to self-manage. 


We also offer consulting services in support of organisations that have decided to develop their in-house coaching capability.

This can vary from training key leaders to adopt a coaching style, to helping to embed an overall coaching culture.


In line with our combined coaching and corporate experience, these strategies are always grounded in the client’s business reality and in their company strategies and ambitions.

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