Why Coaching Today?

Life in today’s business world is marked by ever increasing complexity and change. Business leaders and their teams are called to respond with high levels of competency and also resilience, integrity and well being.

The requirement to stay ‘technically’ on top, improving capabilities and skills, is usually addressed through formal education, training and mentoring.

The new requirement is to also attend to the ‘human’ qualities of adaptability, engagement and learning; critical qualities for effective leadership today.

And this is where coaching comes in…

What is Coaching?

Coaching is, in essence, a modality for change and learning.

A coach is focused on instilling a learning bias in the client that is creative and continuous.

The human learning cycle is simple: …we learn by trying something out, reflecting on it, noting what is apparent; then we make a conscious choice to do things differently, redefine our actions and try it out again… As we learn, we are engraving new neural pathways that need intention, attention and lots of practice.

It seems however that, as grown-ups, we have ‘unlearnt’ learning and therefore the most effective way is to learn in conversation and relationship with others (feedback, inquiry, support).

And so the circle is complete… coaching is relationship-based learning, anchored in awareness and practice… with the intent to expand our repertoire of qualities and ways to better shape and re-shape our world in real-time.

Our Approach to Coaching?

Integral Development Coaching™.

Our coaching work is embedded in the Integral Development Coaching™ approach. This basically means that:

  1. We coach the client, not the topic. We coach the client to find new ways to attend to a topic and, most importantly, develop a broader and deeper set of capabilities in the process.
  2. We attend to the individuality of each client: as an independent human being, as a human being in connection with others and as a human being in connection to his/her environment.
  3. We support the individual in the development of his/her entirety of competencies: intellectual as well as emotional, social, somatic and spiritual – nothing is left out.

Our distinctive approach to learning takes the client on a dynamic journey that goes beyond awareness and insight:

- We start with building insight and awareness through self reflection and self observation.

- We then move to identifying new and fresh possibilities for shaping the future through reframing conversations.

- Finally we transform this learning into action through repeated practice and exercise – fully embedded in the ‘real-life and work’ context of the client.

- The cycle continues by reflecting on the new actions taken…

In summary: Integral Development Coaching™ aims at developing the client’s capability to integrate new ways of responding to his/her own needs, to the needs of others and to his/her environment.